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Western Belles–They Beckon You To Try Your Luck With Them

Kerching seem to have outdone themselves in introducing the Western Belles slots game – a truly bold, innovative and highly entertaining experience. Indeed, as a departure from the oft seen themes, this one featuring cheeky cowgirls as the symbols and other modern western elements is rapidly becoming most popular with the men and for reasons not restricted only to the gaming features.

Here too, the minimum bet is 1p and you can enable a wild reel withjust £2.00. The maximum that you can place is £600.00 and you can win up to £250,000.

Let us now get to the characters of this game. The wild symbols in the form of lipstick marks and bearing the ‘wild’ name act at as the connecting link for other symbols on the activated pay lines. This enables you to make wins more easily as you need not get all the symbols necessarily.

Now to the wild reels. They attract attention to themselves not only because they are strewn across the rows as icons but also because they feature cowgirls with scanty clothing. Artwork has rarely been so appealing and attractive. It not only draws attention but also enhances the chances of winning significantly when the Wild reel play is in progress.

However, that is not all. You can now through the amazing Wild Enabling feature make sure that two Wild reels are at play. This can be done by the player by adjusting the activated pay lines anywhere from 1 – 40. After 40, the player can click plus button again to add to the bet placed and thus add a minimum of 2 more Wild reels. This Wild enabling feature is a totally new concept and makes this interactive slot game all the more appealing.

The spin off effect upon enabling the Wild reels is that it provides the player more chances of landing the required symbols to trigger that ‘Big Win’.

Kerching has always had the best of displays shown when a player makes a win. Western Belles celebrates each win with the display of a scantily clad cowgirl riding the saddle in a provocative manner. You get to drool over her even as your winnings total up underneath. A potent combination, no doubt and an addictive one!

The bonus round has its own arresting eye candy. You only need to have 3 matching saloon door symbols across the 3 reels at the middle. This unlocks the 5 free spins that will evoke a theme change. As the background changes to night, you see interesting characters making their presence felt with one of them standing out. She is the Wild reel represented as the girl on a fence with a six-shooter.

The bonus as in other games is re-triggerable. You just have to be lucky to get another set of 3 saloon symbols to get into yet another bonus round.

The Western Belles slots game from Kerching Casino is something every player must enjoy not only for the gaming experience but for also the unique and bold theme.